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Strand Jacks were developed in 1970 and nowadays recognized as one of the most sophisticated lifting solutions. Strand jacks offer a compact, economic, and highly controllable solution for heavy lifting and lowering operations. SCS operates with strand jacks ranging from 15 tonnes capacity per jack to 800 tonnes capacity per jack, together with power packs and control systems to enable controlled lifting of heavy objects at up to 80 lifting points or more, and with lifting speeds usually of between 5 – 50 meters per hour.

A strand jack conveys a bundle of steel cables which is guided through a hydraulic cylinder. Above and below the cylinder there is an anchor system with various grips. These grips clamp the cable bundle. By stroking the cylinder in and out while the grips are engaged in the anchors a lifting or lowering movement is achieved.
SCS HLT have been using strand jacks in a variety of projects, ranging from the construction of bridges, offshore structures and power stations.


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