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SCS Heavy Lifts - Power generation

Power generation

The power sector

The power sector is a growing market as more energy is consumed year by year. SCS Factory to Foundation concept neatly fits into projects related to the energy sector. SCS provides its customers with a fully integrated from source to site logistical service which takes care of everything from infrastructure to permits. In many cases, the heavy and outsized cargo need complex transports to reach their destination. Having shipped as well as positioned many gas turbines, generators and transformers indicates SCS experience in this sector.


How do we do it?

None of these projects are the same and therefore we use different methods for positioning and assembling the power plants. SCS uses cranes, skidding systems, jacking systems or a lifting gantry to place the turbines, generators and smaller equipment on their foundations. Depending on the local situation were equipment has to be installed SCS engineers a plan for positioning and work accordingly.


Optimal Control

To safeguard lead times and insure that projects are finished in time SCS often is responsible for the entire logistic process too. This means SCS takes care of all the transports from production facilities to the work-site. Optimal control is created because   accurate information about delivery times are available and controlled by one party. SCS carefully plans the transports and on site assembly so that no one has to wait and delays are minimized.

In the past year SCS moved and assembled turbines, generators and additional equipment on the next locations:


SCS currently follows a strategy to increase and further internationalize activities regarding transport and assembly of turbines and generators. In the coming years SCS aims to increase their presence in the power generation sector even further.

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