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SCS Heavy Lifts - Markets - Civil


SCS’s multimodal experience

SCS’s multimodal experience in projects related to road, rail, river and canal bridges, lock gates, and architectural structures gives SCS a high understanding about the engineering expertise that is needed to execute these projects according to the highest quality standards. By using a variety of equipment, SCS is engaged in lifting, skidding, and jacking heavy loads. This ensures their position as full-service provide in the civil market.

SCS Factory to Foundation concept comes well into play in civil engineering projects. SCS experience in combining the entire logistical process as well as the assembly makes them specialists in project management with regard to the heavy lifting and transports on the civil market.

– Transport and handling drilling equipment
– Transport, lifting and assembly of constructions
– Transport, lifting and assembly of heavy ship parts and container cranes
– Construction support services for buildings, stadiums and other utility works
– Lifting and transport of dredging equipment

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