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SCS Heavy

SCS Heavy engineers tailor made heavy lifting and transports solutions for any kind of object that has to be either moved or assembled on a specific location. Due to our experience we are able to move anything, anywhere, using a variety of equipment such as heavy duty rollers, jacks, skids, hydraulic and strand jack technology to get your machines or constructions on the spot, worldwide!

At the time that SCS Heavy was founded it mostly engaged in exceptional transports in central European countries. Over the years SCS widened their scope to lifting and positioning operations of heavy objects in various sectors, across the world. SCS started with the transport and assembly of turbines and presses. Yet, it continued to expand to other markets. Soon ship-lifts had to be moved and carefully placed in shipyards, cranes had to be placed in ports, buildings to be moved, and so on. Over the last few decades SCS had the goal to identify and specify itself in few key markets. These has been indicated below. SCS holds the expertise to execute any heavy lifting, assembly, or transport project within the markets described in our market section.

SCS has agents in USA, Egypt and China.

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